Come worship, learn, serve, and share life with us.

Disconnect to Connect?

We know that you are busy. That is a common theme among many young adults that attend Ridge Road. What if you found a place to explore your faith without the fear of over-committing yourself?


Who is considered a young adult?

This group of "young adults" range from age 18 to 45ish... Yes, you may think that's a large range, but we welcome anyone in any phase of their life, schooling or career. Whether you are single, young couples, college students, working professionals, unemployed, underemployed or anyone in between, you belong. Don't let your birth year determine your mindset - we're all young(ish) at heart!

If I want to get involved, is that welcomed at Ridge Road?

YES! We have young adults who have been deacons, committee chairs, members of the choir and much more. There are so many ways our young adult program can grow IF you want to get involved. Just tell us what you're interested in, and we'd love you to join us! Bring some new ideas, and we can make a difference in our community... together.

Do you meet outside of church?

Definitely! We know that Sunday mornings aren't always the most convenient times for fellowship. We enjoy spending time together out in our community. Email our office ( to get contact information for some of our young adults.