We have a variety of adult small groups that meet to fellowship and study the Bible together each Sunday morning before worship. Currently there are three "adult" Sunday School classes that regularly meet. Details are below!

Sunday School Groups



  • Co-Ed
  • Typically middle-aged - empty-nesters, singles, couples and more!
  • Location: Room 211 (Education Building, main level)  *Every First Sunday of the month, meet at Panera on Lake Boone Trail*
  • Members begin arriving at 9:40am; Class starts 9:50/10am
  • Discussion-based format with rotating teachers
  • Uses The Wired Word curriculum for relating current events to Scripture



  • Co-Ed
  • Typically more mature in age
  • Location: Room 209 (Education Building, main level)
  • Class begins at 9:45am
  • Lecture-based format with rotating teachers



  • Co-Ed (all male until a year or so ago)
  • Current members range in age from early 50's to 95
  • Location: "The Hut" - small white building next to the sanctuary
  • Members begin arriving around 9:15am; Class starts 9:45am
  • Enjoy country ham or sausage biscuits & coffee every Sunday
  • Rotating teachers offer unique perspectives and styles
  • Members also support various non-profits and fund projects outside the church's regular budget