Youth on a Sunday morning

Children hold a special place in the heart of Christ. As we hold their hands for a while, we pray He will grow in their hearts forever.

At Ridge Road, we have opportunities for infants, children and youth!

Our Youth Room is located downstairs in the Education Building.

Below is a general overview of the Sunday morning schedule. The most important thing to know is that we are flexible to both you and your child's needs, so the information below is very general!

Sunday School (9:40am/10am start):

Before you head to the Sunday School class of your choosing, feel free to drop off your child(ren) in the Youth Room. We have age-appropriate activities and caring teachers to make the most of this special time. During the Sunday School hour, all ages are welcome! You are welcome to meet your children after Sunday School, or our teachers will gladly bring your children to the Sanctuary to meet you to begin morning worship (11am service).

Children's Church (11am start):

During our main service, children of all ages begin worship in the Sanctuary, typically sitting together at the front side of the church or with their parents. At the appropriate time, some children choose to return to the Youth Room with their teacher for more fellowship. Youth are also welcome to stay and worship with the full congregation, either sitting with the other youth (and a teacher) or with you - whatever you prefer! If your child(ren) returns to the Youth Room for morning worship, their teacher will bring them back to the Sanctuary to meet you at the conclusion of service.

Age Groups


Nursery/Young Children

Nursery is provided during all regular church services. During their time in the nursery, children get to participate in age-appropriate activities to include stories, songs, crafts, and more.

Young children are also welcome to participate during Sunday School and worship service! Children are dearly loved at Ridge Road! Because we have been entrusted to support spiritual growth and maturity in children, we seek to provide for them in all areas of church life.

We also invite you to check out our Weekday Preschool. Click here for details.


Youth/Older Children

We have an exciting program for our Youth/Older Children. Sunday School classes involve interactive curriculum, and typically begins around 10am. This class seeks to be an open space for building friendships, exploring the Bible, and asking lots of questions. Most of our youth attend regular worship service at 11am in the Sanctuary.


Special Events

Throughout the year, the RRBC children and youth plan outings to build on the bonds that have been made within the walls of the Church. Some examples include: bowling, ice skating, swimming, movie nights and much more!